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Stress as a cause of many skin diseases

Stress as a cause of many skin diseases and methods of reducing it. In these modern times, much is said about ‘civilization diseases’, which are often the result of prolonged stress. We know that stress is the cause of many ailments, however, most of us...

Dry skin. What mistake will you make?

Why is it so important to protect skin against moisture loss? Dry skin affects most of us. Sometimes it is associated with poor skincare, other times with excessive hygiene. Regardless of the cause, untreated dry skin leads to skin disease and even reduced...

Hybrid manicure when it can be harmful?

  Do you like painting your nails? Regardless of what sort of manicure you have chosen, you should get to know more about the safety of hybrid nail polishes, UV lamps, or acetone. Ready to learn a little bit? To start with, let me remark that any single cosmetic...


  Menopause is a natural physiological process which, at some point, will be of concern to all of us women. Apart from poor frame of mind, the skin will look not as good as before. This article is meant to make you more familiar with the problem and show you how...

Unsaturated fatty acids

  Unsaturated fatty acids: Why to start your treatment with them? You must have heard, repetitively perhaps, about unsaturated fatty acids (UFAs), or of acids named omega-3, 6 or 9. You know that these are healthy ingredients, with good influence on the skin and...


  Every day we inhale hundreds of molecules of scents. Those tiny molecules float in the air and each time we inhale the air, they get into our systems. In the process of the chemical compound from which the fragrance is built, the sense of smell takes part....

Brilliant flavonoids

  Now, I would like to talk to you a little about flavonoids – the compounds appearing in vegetables, fruits and herbs.Flavonoids are brilliant-minded chemical compounds that give us everything we basically need: health, longevity, and cool look. ?Flavonoids:...

Ways to stretch marks

Stretch marks, stretch marks, stretch marks ... For women, they are probably the biggest skin problem. That is why today we will devote some time to deal with them 🙂 This problem affects almost 80% of women. They most often appear during puberty, when we...

Biorhythm of the skin

Our skin peels and regenerates every day. It is subject to many processes, which we can observe with our own eyes during the day. For example, morning swelling under eyes, skin shining during the day or greater sensitivity to pain in the afternoon. Each...

The aging process of the skin

  The aging of skin is a natural, genetically-programmed endogenous process which is conditional upon the biological clock. In contrast to it, exogenous aging is caused by external factors—mainly, solar radiation, coupled with lifestyle, work, amount of sleep,...


About Ili Ola

ILI OLA is a Polish brand of cosmetics. Our main goal to mix natural ingredients which values are known since centuries. This is a brand for women who’s interest is the highest quality. The recipes of our products are based only on unrefined oils. Cosmetics are designed for daily care of all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, prone to allergies and aging. Our cosmetics are effective, help to ensure good condition and a beautiful, young skin. ILI OLA cosmetics are natural and healthy.





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